I’d teach for free if I could, but I have bills to pay. I like to keep things simple, and here’s the structure I found most beneficial to my students.


As of January 1, 2021, the cost is the same, whether online or in -studio – again, I like simple! 

$100 per month, for four (4) 30 minute lessons or $200 per month for four (4) one-hour lessons. The occasional 5th lesson day (sometimes there are 5 Fridays, for example), I include at no extra charge. 

What does it cover?

Your tuition reserves your time with me. It is yours, and yours alone. It also pays for the time I spend preparing for your lesson. For each private student, I prepare lessons about a month in advance, and spend about 2 hours doing so – I don’t just show up and “wing it.” I also provide most of the music you’ll need at no additional cost. If you’re an online student, you’ll have to print it, but most often, I do provide it. However, more advanced students will have to purchase concertos, and other solo repertoire.

When is it due?

All tuition is due on the first day of the month. I allow a 10-day grace period, after which a late fee of $5 per week, or any part thereof, is assessed.

I can send an invoice if you prefer, and they are sent by 25th of each month for the upcoming month. i.e. February’s tuition invoice is sent by the 25th of January.

How do I pay tuition?

I accept payment via several online platfors, cash if you’re in person, and if you’re a tech-junkie like I am – even crypto-currencies.

Cash app: $gnelsonmusic
Venmo: @Gail-Nelson-18
PayPal: info@gailsmusic4kids.com

Any discounts?


I offer a discount for paying ahead for 5 or more months –  For every 5 months ahead you pay tuition, you receive one free month (this doesn’t apply if you already have another discount active).