You’ll need a few things to be sure you’re ready for your first lesson. The most important things are your instrument and music, and for in-studio lessons, this really is all you’ll need for a while. Tuners are optional, but very helpful and I’ll teach you to use them.

With online classes, you’ll need to be a little more self-sufficient because I can’t do the tuning for you. Here’s what you’ll need:

  1. Set up a login for the website – there are downloadable files for your music and play along files. You’ll need these to practice with. In my studio, we use a lot of duets, and while we can’t do that live here, I can give you a recording to download to play along with.
  2. Either a tuning device or an app on your phone. Sure, a well-trained and experienced musician can tune by ear, but you need help when you’re getting started.
  3. Learn how to tune your violin or viola.

Be ready to set up a test-session to make sure that your system and internet will be able to handle the bandwidth that online classes require. We’ll set up a time before your first official lesson to test all of this, and help you learn to tune your instrument.


Wohlfahrt’s Easiest Elementary Method – if you prefer to purchase the book, here’s an Amazon link, otherwise, it’s public domain and downloadable via the Student Access Page. 

Skype – you’ll need this for our classes.

Tuner – I like the clip-on style for students, they’re very effective and affordable. The Snark is very popular –