One-time payments for lessons

If you only want to pay one month at a time, use this option. All the others further down set up an automatic payment.

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Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash & Litecoin

A couple of students have asked if I’m willing to accept Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies – actually yes – and I give a 5% discount to students who pay this way.  Click the appropriate link below, each opens a new page.

Set up automatic payments – Online or In-Studio

If a recurring payment will make things easier for you, set it up today!

After having several requests for this, I’ve set up the option of having your tuition automatically deducted via PayPal. With this option, you can set up any credit card you’d like – but of course, online auto payments aren’t a requirement, just an option. When you set them up, remember that if you set up the payment on September 29th, for example, it will always come out on the 29th of the month. Be sure to set it for a day that is convenient for both you and your budget.

Note: There is a $5/month discount when you set up automatic payments.

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