Online Lessons Are Better Than You Might Think

A move is always nerve-wracking, no matter how close or far you are going. When we moved out here to Fort Worth, my students (in-studio) were unhappy and shocked to see their favorite music teacher leaving them. True, I have always offered lessons online, but for many, not having time in the studio was too much to ask, and they moved on to other teachers.

This saddened me, but it was expected! Online lessons aren’t for everyone.

A few decided that working with me as a teacher was important enough to at least give it a try! About half of my 30 students transitioned over to online lessons, and a couple who had taken several months off (and did not know about the move) recently started.

It has been a couple of months, and I got this note in the mail a few days ago: 

This is from the mom of a student who was not quite sure it would work, but they were willing to give it a try. It absolutely made my day!!!

Is this a good fit for me?

Many people are, they just have not taken the opportunity to try it out yet. Here are couple of tips to see if live online lessons are a good fit for you:

  • You enjoy learning with verbal and visual directions.
  • You are willing to learn to tune your violin/viola yourself (with help!).
  • You either cannot or do not want to drive to lessons.
  • You either cannot or do not want to pay the extra cost of having me drive to you ($85/mo vs. $130).

What advantages do online lessons have?

There are several, actually, but these are the most noticeable:

  • Flexibility; I often have more “wiggle room” to help meet your scheduling needs with online lessons.
  • Ability to record every single lesson. I can do it for you, or you can download an app called CallNote, it’s free and will allow you to record your lessons.

This holiday season, however you celebrate, give the gift of music. The convenience of online lessons with a real, live teacher often outweigh any perceived setbacks.

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