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I answer every question personally, so sometimes it isn’t as fast as people would like. But, I would love to hear from you!


  1. Stephanie Peterson says:

    Hi there! My 4.5 year old son has expressed an interest in learning to play the violin. Our friend Donovan is a student of yours and you came highly recommended! I was wondering how to go about finding more information about if you have room for another student, if he is old enough, cost, schedule, etc. Thank you!

    1. Gail Nelson

      Hi Stephanie!

      I have some space for a new student, but it’s a bit limited at the moment – give me a call at 619-540-5689 and we can chat about what’s available! He is NOT too young if he’s really interested, but we will have to go slowly and much of each lesson will be disguised as play.


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