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My newbie (beginner with zero experience) son has been taking violin lessons via skype for almost 2 years now. I specifically was looking for a teacher who could meet us over the internet, considering I needed a break from the commute. Although I wasn’t sure this could work, I gave it a shot…& I am SOOO glad I did! I love the flexibility for our lessons to be in the early morning before school, we could only do this online.

My son LOVES playing his violin! It’s funny because he wanted to quit once or twice when he came upon new challenges, etc. Gail works patiently with him as he gains confidence, slowly but surely he has improved dramatically. She has customized his lessons perfectly to fit his needs which is what I was hoping for. Online accompaniment to his songs made it even more fun & we just started a fiddle book (my son’s request) which he is enjoying enormously.


My daughter started taking lessons from Gail over 5 years ago. I can say it has been a wonderful experience for both of us. We are not a musical family, so when my daughter had an interest in violin I did not know how to proceed. Gail put my worries to rest and got my daughter up and running in no time. It is a beautiful journey. Gail makes the lessons fun and engaging. She encourages my daughter to practice, so I never have to. Gail finds different ways to encourage and direct my daughter. I was concerned when we started Skype lessons a few years ago. How would this work? Well it turned out even better than before. We can now have lessons during quarantine, on vacation and best of all, no driving! The transition was smooth and the lessons continue with the same structured fun that they had always been. I encourage to get your son or daughter started on the violin. It has been simply wonderful for my daughter.

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